ATS STEM Newsletter – July 2020


ATS STEM Newsletter – July 2020


Project activities from December 2019


Report: The first progress report prepared and submitted to the EACEA in Spring 2020

Current activities:

  • Revised project timeline due to the Covid-19 and updated Risk management
  • Finalizing of the deliverables on ATS STEM Conceptual Framework and STEM Digital Formative Assessment Approaches
  • Preparation of Pilot implementation
  • A CPD Design Team is now working on the design of examples of good practice on ATS STEM learning scenarios for further teachers’ workshops, MOOC and support
  • Further development of teacher supporting materials in STEM under the umbrella theme of sustainable development
  • Further development of ATS STEM Evaluation tools on Pilot testing processes
  • Promotion of the project on the on-line conferences and events as well as on Twitter and project’s webpage (updates at project level as well as national levels)

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ATS STEM is co-funded under the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 3.

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