Future project dissemination at ITK Conference 2022

Future project dissemination at ITK Conference 2022

The Finnish ATS STEM team’s project dissemination work will continue at the 2022 ITK Conference, Finland’s largest digital education event in Hämeenlinna, from 5 to 7 October 2022. The conference theme this year is “What, how, where – new clothes for learning”. The team has had four separate presentation proposals accepted by the ITK blind reviewers and evaluators, so the ATS STEM project will be very well represented throughout the conference. The different presentations will help to further disseminate and share the insights of the ATS STEM project in Finland.

The ATS STEM team will lead an Action Session entitled “How to make STEAM a common thing for the whole school?”. The session brings together the ATS STEM team with representatives of Finland’s leading municipalities in STE(A)M education from Oulu,Helsinki and Turku. The aim is to address obstacles that often stand in the way of successful implementations of STE(A)M-interdisciplinary learning modules. THE ATS STEM Activity Session has been accepted based on the evaluation criteria: suitability of the topic to the ITK theme of the year, novelty value and significance of the topic, interest in the implementation method and pedagogical aspect.

Project coordinator Jarmo Viteli will host a keynote ITK Arena session, for presentations that are of great interest to the ITK community, with leading academics and policy makers to discuss matters related to the ATS STEM project.

National research coordinator Iida-Maria Peltomaa will present a paper in the ITK Forum, based on teacher interview data collected as part of the ATS STEM project, which introduces observations and suggestions for the further development of schools as professional learning communities in order to enable fruitful implementation of STEM and ILMs in Finnish schools. The paper presentation has been accepted, having been evaluated by at least three blind reviewers.

Teacher mentor Vuokko Kangas will also present a poster in the poster exhibition explaining the ATS STEM project, the implementation of the ATS STEM model in schools in Finland, and information on how to support teachers with digital formative assessment.

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