Project dissemination at ITK webinar

Project dissemination at ITK webinar

Presenting ATS STEM model and implementation of digital assessment


On 7 April 2022 Iida-Maria Peltomaa and Vuokko Kangas shared insights from the ATS STEM project in Finland as part of an ongoing Interactive Technology in Education ITK webinar series. alongside Perttu Hämäläinen from the STEAM in Oulu network and Leena Pöntynen from the LUMA Centre Finland.

The presentation, entitled “A new model for implementing STEM work and how to implement digital assessment as part of STEM work?”, provided an overview of the ATS STEM project, a review of the results from the project, and a summary of the findings of the Finnish ATS STEM national research report, as well as presenting example implementations from the ATS STEM project and their use of formative digital assessment. A video of the entire webinar presentation in Finnish can be viewed below.

LUMA Centre Finland is a science education network of Finnish universities, aiming “to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology (STEM)”, by developing new methods and activities of science and technology education based on research.

STEAM in Oulu is a network of more than 30 basic education, upper secondary education, and early childhood education providers, in which STEAM learning and teaching is developed, and supported by an extensive partner network.

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