Summer task – preparation of the national report – in progress

Summer task – preparation of the national report – in progress

In the second week of June, the online meeting with the national evaluators from the ATS STEM partner countries took place. The topics of the meeting were guidelines for the preparation of the national report on ATS STEM involvement in schools.

The final report will have four chapters:
1. The introduction with the national context, the context of the pilot schools and the description of the case studies.
2. The methodology will include data collection, data analysis and quality guarantee.
3. The results will be presented in three parts: digital assessment description, formative assessment achievements and challenges in digital assessment.
4. The last chapter will discuss conclusions, limitations, recommendations and proposals.

In the final report, the national evaluators will analyse according to the steps to integrate STEM content and learning outcomes/goals and consider rigorous and valid data in answering the research questions. They will include the six key dimensions of formative evaluation for the ATS STEM project.

Another meeting is scheduled for September.

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