Zoom In! Fifth Pilot Schools Networking Event

Zoom In! Fifth Pilot Schools Networking Event

This week, on November 23, 2021, we held our final 5th pilot school networking event. In total, 14 pilot schools presented their STEM units and 170 attendees listened to their presentations. We wanted to create a space where schools could present, discuss and share their good practise. We believe we have achieved just that with these events.

Well, this Wednesday we hosted three schools from different parts of Europe – Finland, Ireland and Slovenia.

First, teacher Marija Oblak from Preska Primary School presented her ATS STEM learning unit entitled ‘How to improve the lives of the residents of the senior centre in Medvode‘.

Afterwards Jonathan Reynolds, a teacher from Ramsgrange Community School presented what they did with their students on the topic of climate change and global warming (Pdf Presentation).

Last bit not least, teachers from our finnish partner pilot school Ylikiiminki School, Oulu, Sanna and Heikki presented the very interesting results their students did in the narrow field of metals and the wider context from a socio-economic point of view. Very interesting! (Pdf Presentation)

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