Project dissemination at Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) conference

Project dissemination at Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) conference

The Finnish partner of the ATS STEM (Assessment of Transversal Competences in STEM) project from Tampere University returned to Hämeenlinna today to continue project dissemination at the ITK (Interactive Technology in Education) conference for 2021. The ITK conference is the largest digital education and learning event in Finland. This year’s conference is on the topic of “Everyday Life and Dreams”. and it will continue from 1-3 December 2021.

Research coordinator Iida-Maria Peltomaa again presented the paper “Compatible or competitors – Utilising STEM approach in implementing interdisciplinary learning modules in the Finnish curriculum” at the ITK Doctoral Consortium 2021. The working paper is being written based on data collected as part of the ATS STEM project and follow-up interviews of participating teachers. The paper’s abstract can be found here.

Teacher mentor Vuokko Kangas delivered a workshop entitled “How to create successful interdisciplinary learning modules from STE(A)M starting points”. The workshop presented the research-based ATS STEM design model and introduced four different ATS STEM project implementations: Vesala School’s fifth grade “Influencing Project”, Ylikiiminki School’s eighth grade “Metal Project”, Oulu Normal School’s sixth grade Energy Project, and Oulu Normal School’s fifth and sixth grade “Ecological House Project” and their respective learning cycles. The workshops also discussed challenges raised by the results of the Finnish national research report for the ATS STEM project, and possible solutions to address these challenges.

Tomorrow the Finnish team’s dissemination work at the ITK conference continues.

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