Partner meeting in Dublin, May 2022

Partner meeting in Dublin, May 2022

As the end date of the ATS STEM project is approaching, partners met for the last face to face meeting at the DCU All Hallows Campus in Dublin. The meeting was composed of two days of meetings and workshops followed with the final conference

ATS STEM partner meeting agenda

On the first day, John (H2 Learning) welcomed us to DCU and opened the meeting. Eamon (DCU) introduced the outline of the agenda, project status update (short recap – duration, funds, goals and results …) and last conference information (number of participants, schools, posters). He presented some of the history of Dublin City University and showed the Women on Walls 2021 at DCU Documentary.


Maria (H2) and Sonja (DUK) explained the status of the deliverables with project workplan and their finalisation. We discussed the upcoming translations for reports and evaluation, the records of dissemination events, the national material (national folders) in project cloud space (Teams and GoogleDrive), the tasks and deadlines for the remaining of the project. Two deliverables are still open, D5.1 ‘Research methodology and evaluation guide’ and D2.1 ‘ATS STEM report framework’.

Carmen and Enrique (USC) presented pilot evaluation and policy recommendations, the evaluation report, processes of data gathering. We discussed the used data collection methods and pro & contra for the target groups.

Followed by a structured discussion about conclusions, we also looked at ATS STEM final executive report outline, proposals and policy recommendations. Formative assessment should be flexible and integrative.

After lunch and in between breaks we recorded interviews with one partner from each institution to get the material for the video of ATS STEM project. We also recorded a promo address for the conference.


Sonja (DUK) did some quality assurance – she informed us about minutes from the partner meeting in Santiago de Compostela.

We also discussed some of the conference programme and did last minor corrections.

On the second day, Petra, Katja and Borut (MESS) presented general updates on dissemination activities (webpage content, Twitter, YouTube, infographics) and we set the date for the last ZoomIn meeting for pilot schools – 24th May at 5 p.m. CET.

We discussed what our plans and intentions are after the project is over – policy recommendations and opportunities for future collaboration.

After the meeting closed we separated, some to prepare the conference venue, some to the DCU LEGO education innovation studio.

The end of the week was all about the conference. On Friday we met at the venue and listened to the presentations. About 100 participants were present in person and about 80 followed the conference online. You can find the recording with the start times here: At the weekend, we shared our experiences and made an evaluation.

It was great to see everybody in person again!

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