Continuing project dissemination at Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) Conference

Continuing project dissemination at Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) Conference

The Finnish team’s project dissemination continued on Thursday and Friday at the ITK (Interactive Technology in Education) conference for 2021.

National research coordinator Iida-Maria Peltomaa and teacher mentor Vuokko Kangas delivered a very well attended conference presentation entitled “STE(A)M as a learning tool, inspiration and enabler of creation”. The presentation explained the ATS STEM design model, and the Finnish national research report results. The presentation highlighted the compatibility of the integrated STEM (and STEAM) approach with the interdisciplinary learning modules required by the Finnish National Core Curriculum. Four different ATS STEM project implementations and their respective learning cycles were also presented: Vesala School’s fifth grade “Influencing Project”, Ylikiiminki School’s eighth grade “Metal Project”, Oulu Normal School’s sixth grade Energy Project, and Oulu Normal School’s fifth and sixth grade “Ecological House Project”. Members of the Oulu STEAM network, including Heikki Vimpari and Sanna Mäkelä from Ylikiiminki School were also present at ITK, and were able to take part and answer some questions and add further insights during the Q&A.

The team was also invited to present the ATS STEM model on Thursday at a session hosted by Digikilta.

On Thursday and Friday, there were also “poster times”, hour-long sessions for people to meet and greet, and to ask questions of presenters who stand alongside their posters across a whole floor of the conference centre. The Finnish ATS STEM team were present to answer questions and explain the ATS STEM project and its merits. The poster presents the ATS STEM implementation model and the resources available to schools, including the design framework, example implementations and pedagogical support material.

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