Third Virtual Partner Meeting (Krems, Austria)_4th day

Third Virtual Partner Meeting (Krems, Austria)_4th day

11:00 – 11:50 (CET) Petra Bevek (MESS): WP6 – Project Dissemination
New Brochure
Project website updates
Pilot School networking
Framework search engine
Updated Dissemination Plan & expected changes

11:50 – 12:30 (CET) John Hurley, Maria Fojk (H2) AOB and summary of actions
Conclusion of the partner meeting series
Meeting series evaluation Questionnaire
Minutes of the meeting series

Isabell Grundschober (DUK): After-meeting networking and sharing of the Austrian culinary experience

Last but not least, dissemination was on the agenda today. Petra from the Slovenian Ministry of Education presented the translated project brochure and opened the discussion for possible additional promotional material. We also reviewed what changes have been made to the web pages and gained valuable insight into the data from Google Analytics. The main aim for this year is to create space for schools to network and to inform policy makers of the findings and prepare recommendations. There is still a lot to do, but we have laid a good foundation. For an immediate exchange of views and comments, we used Google Jamboard, which was great. And to get an insight into what our partners associate the project with – a Menti Word Cloud.

In the last part of our meeting we addressed the open activities and tasks. In view of the fact that the deadline for the report is approaching and we need to keep ourselves open to any possible difficulties due to the pandemic and the schools that are closed as a result.

John and Maria closed this partner meeting with the joint feedback that although we were online, it was a very enjoyable and well organised meeting and time well spent!

To end the meeting in a more informal way, we moved to our room, mingled, and laughed together.

Many thanks to all our project partners for a fruitful meeting!

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