Project dissemination at Digikilta seminar

Project dissemination at Digikilta seminar

The Finnish partner of the ATS STEM (Assessment of Transversal Competences in STEM) project from Tampere University continued with efforts to disseminate the project on November 9 and 10 at the Digikilta seminar in Hämeenlinna.

Digikilta is funded by the Finnish Finnish National Agency for Education with the aim to develop e-learning environments for early childhood education and compulsory basic education. The network supports education providers and organisers in the development of information and communication technology up to the level of legislation. The topic of the seminar this year was municipal ICT strategies and STEAM teaching. Attendees included municipal digital education leaders, digital learning specialists, and interested teachers.

National research coordinator Iida-Maria Peltomaa delivered a keynote presentation on November 9 on the topic of “Elements of a successful interdisciplinary project”, drawing on elements and examples from the ATS STEM project. The presentation highlighted the compatibility of the integrated STEM (and STEAM) approach with the interdisciplinary learning modules required by the Finnish National Core Curriculum. Key conclusions drawn from the Finnish national research report published in the autumn of 2021 as part of the ATS STEM project, and their implications for the teaching of integrated STEM and interdisciplinary teaching in general were elucidated. In the keynote presentation, a rubric for assessing the quality of interdisciplinary projects was introduced and handed out as a tool for development.

Iida and teacher mentor Vuokko Kangas also delivered five workshops between November 9 and 10, entitled “Research-based design model for STEM projects”. The workshops presented various STEM projects implemented using the research-based ATS STEM design model. The workshops also discussed challenges raised by the results of the Finnish national research report for the ATS STEM project, and possible solutions to address these challenges.

Iida, Jarmo and Vuokko also networked extensively while participating in the Digikilta network dinner.

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