ATS STEM Newsletter nr. 8, December 2021

ATS STEM Newsletter

ATS STEM Newsletter nr. 8, December 2021

Project activities from October 2021


  • Regular partner monthly on-line meeting (October 19th & 21st, November 11th, December 9th)
  • WPs’ essential partner workshops and expert group meetings on weekly or monthly base
  • Fifth school networking event (Tuesday, November 23rd)
  • 1st ATS STEM webinar for policy makers and stakeholders, December 10th


Current activities

  • Working on an online version of the Framework
  • Collecting country pilot reports and relevant resources
  • CPD Lessons Learnt deliverable and planning to finish by the end of the year
  • Pilot Implementation draft report in peer revision
  • Transnational Report in progress
  • Promotional videos (intro&outro)
  • Final conference planned in May (Conference Organising Committee)
  • Quality Assurance – disemination events and deliverables
  • Updating Terminology, dissemination & communication plan


Latest news

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