Project Partner Meeting – Day 1

Project Partner Meeting – Day 1

Project Partner Meeting series 6, October 19 and 21 2021


11.00 – 11.20 (CET) John, Maria and Eamon (H2 & DCU)
Welcome & WP7: Project status update & next F2F meeting

11:20 – 12.20 (CET) Josefa del Carmen (USC) WP5
Project Evaluation Update, Q&A

12.25 – 12:40 (CET) Bart (GO!) WP4
Pilot Implementation

12:40 – 13. 00 Sonja and Nilay (CET) (DUK) WP8
Quality Assurance

13.00 – 13.30 (CET) Discussion
What are the key learnings from the ATS STEM experience (so far)?

It’s so nice to see everyone again, albeit online again. Today we had our 6th project partner meeting to review our progress. After the introductory notes and review of the agenda, we went through the project spreadsheet to get an idea of our current project implementation – where we should be and what our current status is.

Colleagues from USC and other partner countries reported on Project Evaluation. Fascinating overview of learning unit results, use of digital tools and impact.



After very interesting presentations by our partners on the final evaluation of the learning cycles, we were given a brief but intensive insight into the pilot implementation. In which project phase are we currently, which activities are still pending and what is still to be done.

Project Implementation

Last, but by no means least important, we discussed WP8 – quality assurance. Sonja (DUK) presented the work package activities and feedback from the project partners on the risk management process. This work package has proven to be particularly important, especially given the turbulent and unstable times imposed on COVID.

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