In Corona time, how should we inspire our schools to soon start working with our framework of STEM competencies? After all, many schools are currently closed or are starting up rather sparsely.
The Field Trial Advisory Group (FTAG) didn’t just sit back and took on the role of a Teacher Design Team (TDT).

Each partner of the FTAG worked out a design, starting from the SDG water.

An overview of the inspiring designs:

    1. Hand washing (Finland)
    2. Water consumption in Gotland (Sweden)
    3. Fires in Galicia (Spain)
    4. Swimming lake that turned in a green stinking lake (Slovenia)
    5. Windmill water pump (Cyprus)
    6. How to reduce our water consumption and how to recycle water (Ireland)
    7. Harvesting irrigation rain water (Belgium)


During and after each presentation, the partners noted down their reflections. These reflections will be used in the next meeting in order to 

  • exchange experiences;
  • identify similarities and differences;
  • identify stumbling blocks and opportunities;
  • match the approach to the expectations of the research group (WP5) and to the expectations and needs of our schools.


This piloting experience was very pleasant and instructive, because we showed our didactic visions and methodologies to each other from our different work contexts.
As an FTAG group, we seize every opportunity to function as a co-creative team. We also get to know each other better and better, although at the moment it is more remotely.
A digital tool like Padlet gave us a helping hand: Padlet with information about the team members.

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