School project team

Principal: Petra Ek


  • Rana Rechdan
  • Eva Ferntoft
Goals in the ATS STEM project:
  • Eleverna ska utveckla ett hållbart tänk som de kan använda både i skolan och i vardagen.
  • Utveckla kunskaper inom praktiskt arbete i skolans no och teknik ämnen.
  • Utveckla förmågan att kommunicera och samarbeta.
  • Utveckla förmågan att gå från tanke till färdig produkt.

Our main goal in integrating transversal skills in our stem subjects is to help our students develop a sustainable mindset that they can use both in school and in everyday life. We are aiming to increase their curiosity about the environment and the world.

We are convinced that transversal skills are essential to success in school, further education and lifework as they include the ability to:

  • think and evaluate information critically
  • work collaboratively
  • develop communicating skills
  • solve problems
  • be innovative and creative
  • develop self-regulation
  • develop metacognitiv skills

We strive to give our learners the opportunity to develop knowledge in science, mathematics, engineering and technology through practical and theoretical learning.

With other words students will go from theory to a finished product and reach their learning goals. The project’s activities will also aim and ensure that our learners are part of this educational process and that are involved in both the learning and assessment.

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