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logo Höglundaskolan

Blockstensvägen 128
137 67 Jordbro

School project team Höglundaskolan
School project team

Principal: Maria Ohlsson


  • Åsa Johansson
  • Elisabeth Hagman
  • Sirkka Jonsson


Goals in the ATS STEM project:

We always strive to improve and change our way of working so that we can challenge and encourage students to develop in their STEM skills.

We research educational and fun methods of acquiring learning and practical lifelong knowledge.

Project work would aim to achieve and support:

  • to develop verbal and material strategies,
  • to increase communication skills,
  • to increase curiosity,
  • to develop students’ creativity and
  • to be able to collaborate with others on a work step and create a curiosity about the environment and how we humans can influence it positively and negatively.
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