Haninge kommun, Sweden

Haninge kommun, Sweden


Pedagogiskt centrum is the Research and Development department of Department of Education, where one of the researchers is affiliated to Department of learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the research group there. Research focused on STEM particularly T and E.

Team members

  • Eva Hartell, ehartell@kth.se (leader/coordinator)
  • Monika Persson, member
  • Sirkka Jonsson, member
  • Eva Ferntoft, member


Haninge Kommun (HK) will be Essential Partner in WP2 contributing towards the design of STEM learning/assessment tasks. HK will also have a key role in the design of the teacher professional learning methodology and materials as well as the design of the pilot projects in schools. HK will facilitate the pilot with schools in Sweden and will actively inform Swedish school authorities about the project and its achievement.

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