Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM is an innovative policy experimentation project  being conducted across 8 EU countries and involving a partner network of 12 educational institutions.


It aims to enhance digital assessment of second level students’ transversal skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).



Teacher materials present step by step instructions on how to design an ATS STEM project in schools. It also provides a hands-on example of an ATS STEM implementation.

You can also introduce yourself to the printables and other background materials.



The selection of the pilot schools is carried out in accordance with the procedures established in each country. Selected schools nominate teachers and classes for participation in the ATS STEM pilot from a mix of STEM related subjects.



Integrated STEM curriculum provides opportunities for more relevant, less fragmented and more stimulating experiences for learners as well as coherent development of transversal skills. Use of ICT tools can support an ongoing process of assessment of  transversal skills, including peer- and self-assessment.

1 Step by step instructions on how to design an ATS STEM project in a school
2 ATS STEM printables

Teachers are welcome to use when designing and implementing the projects in their schools

3 Background materials

⁦@stem_ats⁩ ⁦@EUErasmusPlus⁩ While as the project may officially be over-for us it has just begun 🎉 #atsstem

We're still uploading resources & publication to our website 💪
Development of #STEM competences in case study schools [SWEDEN]: The Swedish #Students assessed that all competences improved.
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