The ATS STEM Report series comprises five reports that arose from the project deliverables.

Reports #1 and #2 are concerned with the research pertaining to STEM education in schools and with national policies for STEM in various European countries, respectively. Report #3 deals with key ideas and principles underlying formative assessment theory and the current state of the art with respect to how STEM digital formative assessment is conceptualised and leveraged to support learning of transversal skills in STEM. Report #4 examines the potential of various technology-enhanced tools and architectures that might be used to support assessment for learning in STEM. Drawing on all four of these, Report #5 presents an integrated conceptual framework for the assessment of transversal skills in STEM (see below).

STEM Education in Schools: What Can We Learn from the Research? (ATS STEM Report #1)

Government Responses to the Challenge of STEM Education: Case Studies from Europe (ATS STEM Report #2)

Digital Formative Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM: A Review of Underlying Principles and Best Practice (ATS STEM Report #3)

Virtual Learning Environments and Digital Tools for Implementing Formative Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM (ATS STEM Report #4)

Towards the ATS STEM Conceptual Framework (ATS STEM Report #5)



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