Teacher materials


Teacher materials

The ATS STEM extended conceptual framework provides a conceptual tool to help European educators gain a common understanding of what integrated STEM education is and how it can be assessed using a range of digital tools in schools. The aim is to draw on the framework to design learning experiences, digitally assess students and ultimately enable them to develop the transversal skills to engage and interact as curious and STEM literate citizens.

The project provides teachers with access to training and a repository of pedagogical resources. The platform and school network enable them to develop and share best practices in integrated STEM curricula and use digital technologies to support innovative assessments. Participating schools and school teams receive training on the effective use of formative assessments to support student learning in STEM.

1. Step by step instructions on how to design an ATS STEM project in a school
2. ATS STEM printables

Teachers are welcome to use when designing and implementing the projects in their schools

3. Background materials
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