Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus


The mission of the Pedagogical Institute is to cater for the continuous training of teachers at all levels so as to assist them in their efforts for professional and personal development. This is achieved through the work of three departments: the in-service training department, the educational documentation department and the educational technology department. As of June 2002, the Curriculum Development Unit has been incorporated into the Pedagogical Institute. Within the framework of the Educational reform, as of 2008, the Centre of Educational Research and Evaluation was founded.

Team members

  • Anastasia Economou, (leader/coordinator)
  • Nicolas Kanaris, member
  • Despo Nicolaidou, member


Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI) will contribute to research and development as Essential Partner in WP 1 & 2. Catering for the professional and personal development of teachers of all levels through continuous training, CPI will play a key role in the design and development of teachers’ CPD in WP3. CPI will also provide significant inputs to the design of the field trials and will administer the field trial with schools in Cyprus in line with the agreed protocol. Moreover, CPI will actively disseminate the project at national and European level and will closely liaise with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports in Cyprus.

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