Kildare Education Centre, Ireland

Kildare Education Centre, Ireland


Kildare Education Centre, as part of the national network of Education Centres, provides support to the education community of Co Kildare, East Offaly and West Wicklow in Ireland. Established in 1997 as a full time Centre by the Department of Education and Skills, the Centre continuously values and promotes a culture of co-operation and collaboration in the provision of professional development for teachers at primary and post-primary level. A programme of local courses, projects and initiatives to support teaching and learning in our schools is offered annually.

Team members

  • Siobhán Kavanagh, (leader/coordinator)
  • Vivienne O’Loughlin, member
  • Marian Leahy, member
  • Alson O’Brien, member


KEC will be responsible for the implementation of the pilot STEM activities in Ireland according to the agreed protocol and will be the key contact point for the participating schools. KEC will provide feedback and support to WP 1 & WP2 and will have a key role in WP3 on the teacher professional development and WP 4 on the design of the pilot implementation. KEC will also actively disseminate the project results within the Irish education system and will liaise with the Department of Education and Skills on the mainstreaming and multiplication of project results.

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