H2 Learning, Ireland

H2 Learning, Ireland


H2 Learning is a professional services organisation, providing a range of services in the area of ICT and education. It has extensive knowledge of the education sector, specifically in the use of information communication technology (ICT) to enhance teaching, learning & assessment in formal education. H2 has developed an expertise in multi-disciplinary project management over the past ten years as a result of working on a range of EU, government and private sector projects.

Team members

  • John Hurley, jhurley@h2.ie (Leader/Coordinator)
  • Maria Fojk, mfojk@h2.ie (Coordinator/Finance)
  • Michael Hallissy (Research Coordinator)
  • Karolina Wojcik (Coordinator/Finance)
  • Jim Casey, member


H2 Learning acts as the Operational Co-ordinator leading WP7 (Project Management) in close cooperation with the Lead Partner and Project Coordinator – DCU. H2 Learning staff co-ordinate project activities including the agreement on the overall project schedule of activities, delegation of tasks, monitoring progress on the implementation, facilitating collaboration, partner inputs, consensus building and review mechanisms. Additionally, H2 will have a key role in WP1, WP2, WP5 and will support the field trial in Ireland according to the agreed protocol (WP4). H2 will contribute to the development of teacher CPD (WP3) and will strongly support the Quality Assurance processes in the project (WP8). H2 will also actively disseminate the project findings and results at national and international level.

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