GO! Het Gemeenschapsonderwijs, Belgium


GO! organises official education in the Dutch speaking part. GO! provides education from nursery school, through compulsory school age to adult education and including schools specialising in creative and performing arts and technical and professional education.

Team members

1)      Philip Lambrechts, philip.lambrechts@g-o.be (leader/coordinator and contact)

2)      Wendy Luyckx, wendy.luckx@g-o.be (internal advisor)

3)      Christel Thonnon, christel.thonnon@g-o.be (STEM-trainer Primary Education)

4)      Michel Daschot, micheldaschot@gmail.com (STEM-trainer Primary Education)

5)      Wim Verreycken, wim.verreycken@g-o.be (STEM-trainer Secondary Education and STEM advisor)

6)      Werner Ryckaert, werner.ryckaert@g-o.be (STEM advisor Primary Education)

7)      Jens Vermeersch, Jens.vermeersch@g-o.be (international officer)

8)      Jeltsen Peeters, Jeltsen.Peeters@g-o.be (project fundraisor)


GO! is happy to be involved in multiple work packages and looks forward to developing, testing, and implementing high quality STEM materials.
GO! will lead the pilot implementation WP 4, overseeing the design and implementation process of the field trials across all Partner countries, testing across all piloting countries, providing general guidance to partners and gathering their reports.
Because of the WP interdependencies GO! will also support WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP5 as essential partner.

GO! can engage a number of in-service teacher trainers, and STEM teachers in the design of the STEM learning tasks and will coordinate the field trial in Belgium.

GO! will also actively disseminate the project results at national and European level.