Danube University Krems, Austria

Danube University Krems, Austria


Danube University Krems, established in 1995, is the only state-owned university in Europe that specialises in providing further postgraduate education. The university is facing up to the technological and social challenges of lifelong learning and implementing innovation in educational research and teaching. The university has three faculties and employs over three hundred academic staff. The Centre for Research in Education Technology is dedicated to exploring the relationship between education and technology. Researchers have long been active in the field of eLearning and didactics with a focus in technology-supported validation of non-formal/informal learning, patterns of teaching and learning with interactive media.

Team members

  • Isabell Grundschober, (leader/coordinator)
  • Sonja Brachtl, member (co-leader)
  • Nilay Aral (co-leader)
  • Stefan Oppl, member (senior researcher)
  • Gregor Pirker, member (technican)


The Centre for Research in Educational Technology of Danube University Krems will lead WP8 (Quality Assurance) and will especially support WP2 (STEM Formative Digital Assessment Approach) and WP5 (Evaluation of the Pilot Testing Process) with experience in educational technology.

The staff at the Centre for Research in Educational technology will augment the visibility and networking of the project via social media. In this regard, we will support WP6 (dissemination & exploitation) through mass media and articles in community networks.

The Centre for Research in Educational Technology also co-operates with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and is present on a range of national conferences with teachers as the main target group. Therefore, our dissemination and exploitation activities reach a considerable target audience in German speaking countries and beyond.

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